Mack Finley Presents: Reflection

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Got an urge to film today, this was the result.

Mack Finley Presents: Reflection
3A yoyo in the great outdoors.
Yoyos Used: One Drop Yo-Yos Rally Prototypes
String Used: Toxic Strings Gr3At Whites
Music Used: KOAN Sound “Funk Blaster”


Seriously, all of your videos are just great.

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Thanks man!



Also, it’s a bit off topic, but what did you have in mind when you and Toxic Strings were putting together your signature string? Just out of curiosity. ;D

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my main things going in to the Gr3AtWhite project, was that i needed a nice thick string that would bind well at short string lengths and wanted something with a nice lifespan cause i was sick of changing strings every 2-3 hours, even with my limitless supply now i still use a pair of Gr3AtWhites for 1-2 weeks sometime! String tension was also a concern and Gr3AtWhites keep great tension for me and are soft and nice on the hands!


I was just thinking earlier this week that I hadn’t seen a video from you in a while, and here it is! Awesome job! Love the perspective, and wicked tricks man!

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Thanks jrod! And yeh, was about that time :wink:


Oh man, that was some good stuff. You 3A players are crazy. Loved the POV; you don’t get to see many 3A videos from that perspective!

Nice demo of the Rally, too, if I’m not mistaken. :wink:

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Thanks so much! and yes, this is the rally doing just fine for 3A for all who wonder!

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bump :slight_smile:

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Happy birthday BUMP! haha

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Haha, thanks bud! ;D

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I hate to be that guy, but the song is “Meanwhile, in the Future” by Koan Sound. Also, fantastic video! When it comes to 3a, you really are the man! Happy belated birthday! I hope you got some jojos.

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Actually were both wrong, hahaha. Its “Talk Box” off the album “Funk Blaster” hahahahaha. but thanks!!!

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