MA States 2009 Official Results

The 2009 MA State Yo-Yo Contest is over!

Big congrats to all the winners and thank you to all wonderful sponsors.
Please visit our MA State page to view them and see the full results for the event!

Wow, that looked awesome. Eric got nats and MA states? I think we have a World Champion on our hands…

You are right Samad.

I know I was right. I said that sentence in order to prove my second sentence.

I wish i should of gone. I would of lost but it doesn’t matter about winning.
It looks like fun competing.

~Stevem :smiley:

I would’ve gone… but it’s like 302848527 miles away…

I wanted to compete in the 10-15 one. i think i could idleast get like 15th lol. If they have 20 people 19th if they have 16 people 15th. :o


To be correct i think it’s 302848528. Your welcome.