M.DeV1's Video thread THREE NEW VIDEOS

This is my video thread, I will be constantly updating it with any new videos i come out with so check back frequently!

Newest videos!

Others you may enjoy!

Feedback is always appreciated!

videeoh bump

You may want to make your newest available on mobile as well as pc. When I tried on the app it said that it was just pc.

Btw I checked out on the pc and the video is great. I like all of angles you used

Thanks, most people don’t take the time to get on their PC just to view the video so I appreciate that. And It’s not exactly my choice. The music I used (What I got-Sublime) has a copyright thing so they put restrictions on my video. I won’t be making this mistake in the future though.


oh I didn’t think about that. That’s my mistake. I can’t wait to see future videos. Bigyoyo is lucky To have you.

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New video coming soon featuring mine and Wilson’s signature string! Get ready.

Great now that I think about it I new to pick up some string. Chances are big yoyo will be my first choice. I just need to wait until I make some money after what I blew on yoyo day.

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Back up with 3 new videos! Check 'em out.

Here we go again.

Back to basics.

Why, you don’t look like an ogre in your videos… Im beginning to think that your profile picture is a fake…

Haha anyways I really like your videos.

The project looks super slick… I dig the look :slight_smile:

Yeah, it looks like a really cool concept!