M.DeV1's Video thread THREE NEW VIDEOS

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This is my video thread, I will be constantly updating it with any new videos i come out with so check back frequently!

Newest videos!

Others you may enjoy!

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Feedback is always appreciated!

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videeoh bump


You may want to make your newest available on mobile as well as pc. When I tried on the app it said that it was just pc.

Btw I checked out on the pc and the video is great. I like all of angles you used

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Thanks, most people don’t take the time to get on their PC just to view the video so I appreciate that. And It’s not exactly my choice. The music I used (What I got-Sublime) has a copyright thing so they put restrictions on my video. I won’t be making this mistake in the future though.



oh I didn’t think about that. That’s my mistake. I can’t wait to see future videos. Bigyoyo is lucky To have you.

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New video coming soon featuring mine and Wilson’s signature string! Get ready.


Great now that I think about it I new to pick up some string. Chances are big yoyo will be my first choice. I just need to wait until I make some money after what I blew on yoyo day.

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Back up with 3 new videos! Check 'em out.

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Here we go again.

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Back to basics.


Why, you don’t look like an ogre in your videos… Im beginning to think that your profile picture is a fake…

Haha anyways I really like your videos.

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The project looks super slick… I dig the look :slight_smile:


Yeah, it looks like a really cool concept!