A Video With That Return Top Thingy

Tell me what you think!



I’m sure the video is awesome but its not available on mobile :frowning: I need a new computer once I get it ill definitely sub to you :slight_smile:

You look really young…and I loved your style!

That is the first time I have ever gotten that. Literally EVERYBODY I meet says I look way older than I am (like a junior or senior, I’m a freshman)

Wow,you’re a couple of years younger than me…I got some catching up to do…

Haha thanks!

You’re a freshman? Really? Me too! But anyway, nice video!

rightt, the inly things i own are three throws some clothes my phone and an air mattress, i dont even have any string so i twist some outta sheets. But there is nothing that disappoints me more than a video not being able to be viewed on mobile.

Thaw was really depressing. :frowning:

Hey I quoted the link, doesn’t that make it “viewable”?

No still cant view it. Yes Shadowz itnis depressing. But ima boss at making bed. Sheet string hahaa. Gotta work what you got.

I could tell you were a freshman. I can smell freshmen from a mile away. Like a drop of blood in a pool full of sharks.

No, that’s my Old Spice Swaggerrrr

Haha. Old Spice FTW!