Luftverk 000 axle


What size is the miniscule axle in the 000? Will any other somewhat longer size fit, say a sOMETHING 8mm doping axle. Or, am I stuck with that super short axle? Thanks Everyone.


Yeah it’s a measly 5mm axle on the 000 and the Octavia and a 8mm axle will not fit.
For this reason I dare not screw open my Octavia unless I abosolutely have to, the crazy short axle alongside the tight bearing seat on both side makes it crazy hard to screw back together. (And I don’t have any extra bearing to try for a loosed fit.

(I measured mine and got 5mm, strange that Rewind says it’s 6mm)



A longer size will make a little bump on the other side of the yoyo


Thanks for the info guys. Guess I can do no more tuning.


Titanium, unlike aluminum, is stronger than the steel in the axle… so I think that concern is not necessarily warranted in this case.


It’s not worrying about threads, it’s just crazy hard to screw back together smoothly


Yes it is.


Thanks for posting this, I felt this way about the 000 as well - looks like I’m not getting an Octavia lol