Lucky Meisenheimer endorsed our project!

Our project:

Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D., Guinness world record holder for largest Yo-Yo collection, author of “Lucky’s Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos," and overall LEGEND, said this about us:

“The Yo-Yo Legacy Project is a magnificent set honoring the great classic yo-yos. Every serious yo-yo collector should want to include this in their collection.”

I thought you guys would want to know about it. Here is the kickstarter link:

I can answer any questions you have!

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I saw the pictures and videos in the kickstarter and the yoyos have a very elegant simplicity about them, they look absolutely beautiful.

I can help but wonder; was the original 1928 Flores made of bloodwood? I highly doubt it (not to mention the others). Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to make it from the type of wood it was originally made from? I just think that if it is intended to be thrown, which the kickstarter seem to suggest that it is, wouldn’t this give the best impression of what an original Flores was like?

Perhaps I’m thinking too hard about it. It really does seem more intended to be a very attractive tribute to the roots if yoyo, and it certainly is!


Your instinct is correct, the original Flores was not made out of bloodwood. Our primary goal was to create a desktop set that was pretty to look at, and that honored the history of the yo-yo. So our wood choices were based on availability, sustainability, and appearance. We also made them functional, but that was more of a bonus than the primary intention.

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Awesome! I’m glad this made its Kickstarter target funding goal! :raised_hands: