lots of yoyofactory and some yoyojam, chico, and duncan

all of there yoyos i would be willing to trade or sell but some will be harder than others to get from me and i will do two for one or anything like that. I can add cash to anything.

yyj vexed
any clyw
some yoyojam metal rimmed yoyos
a pair of yyf loop 900s or yyj unleasheds
Yyj fiesta xx or go big

offer anything though

all of these are yoyofactory unless labeled otherwise

the more the *, the harder it will be to get from me 0= make a good offer and its as good as yours 5= make a high offer and i will consider it

first row: superwide*, yoyojam go big****, yuuksta****, northstar* (axle is messed up and could break but still plays well and is signed by jensen kimmitt)
second row: jk, chico*** (manimal i think could be b grade but plays amazingly), supernova lite*** ( two different colored sides), grind machine (broken hubstack post that needs replacing and has a cracks in the plastic around the hubstack post, fainted gentry stein and yuuki spencer signature)
third row: die-nasty*, 2 loop 808s (both capless)**, duncan limelight

Not B grade, unengraved

Free bump :slight_smile: