Looking to Pay Cash for More yoyos

Hey im getting my hands on some good money sometime soon and i wanted to have offers ready so that when i get my hands on this money, i can spend away. Only looking to buy 5-6 yoyos.

I want:

Sasquatch (beat or not)
YYF Monster
YYF GM2 (red, blue, green, or grey with red splash)
Jon Rob Genesis
Hitman Pro (only mint condition)
44 Special
Supernova ? (i really want a green colored one)
Avalanche (reverse hulk or 28’s stories)
Protege (green, completely mint)
Wooly marmot (hulk smash or 28’s stories)
Any year 888
Bassalope (guy from France, i will straight up buy your Green LB Bassalope if you still have it for $80. I will pay shipping as well. Let me know if you still have it!
Dietz (green)
Code 1 (doesnt matter, just not black)
Code 2 (green or red)
Spyy Punchline
Galactic Goose (both colors, i loved this yoyo)
Skywalker (ehh, maybe, im not sure but if you want cash for it, let me know)
NVx (green)

As you can tell Green is the color id prefer for most yoyos. Oh and purple too, but not necessarily a hulk smash colorway, unless its a marmot or genesis. Get at me with offers and i’ll let you know if i like your offer.

Hello, I have a hitman pro cyyc edition mint condition. I was wondering what you would trade, or how much you would buy it for. thanks!

I still got that 44 if you’re interested