Looking to buy a ball bearing!

My phenomizm is loud and want to see if its the ball bearing. I’m looking for a good ball bearing to buy and put in my phenomizm!! Please PM me! If you could, I would like to find one that has an in cut to it, instead of it just being flat.

I have had no problems with the Crucial ones. I favor the Crucial bearings, but trifecta could be another choice. My trifectas get loud after some play though.

Oops, thought I was in the General discussion forum.

The bst section is not the best place to buy a bearing. You could just buy one off this website, under shop, accessories, bearings. You could get a grooved bearing like the center tracs and concaves, or a one drop ten ball. I like twisted trifectas, to get a groove and ten balls (rather than 8.) the buy sell trade section is not a place I reccomend looking for bearings. Check the site, and good luck!

I would deeply recommend the Buddha bearings. I would say they meet, if not pass, the performance of all the other specialty bearings. Also, they are a fraction of the price, so you really can’t go wrong there!

PM me. I have lots of bearings that you are looking for. Great price.