Looking for new yo

Hey guys. I’ve been using a Yoyo Jam Legacy. I would like to obtain a Supernova Lite (possibly an original Supernova, but my price range is probably too low even for used pieces). I think I may have some fun with them and they seem to be pretty popular. I wouldn’t mind having them, even if it’s just as a part of my collection. If anyone is selling them cheap (20-30 dollars or so), then I would be interested. Of course, I’d expect them to be in used condition. A used yo has more spirit anyway.

I would be interested in other models too, possibly something from Foxland Precision, Werrd, or Crucial. If you have something I may be interested in, let me know. I’m learning the 1A style with no interest in other styles at the moment, though one day I wouldn’t mind learning them all. For now I just want to learn 1A so I can impress the ladies.