Looking for MFD, Anti Yo


[b]Thanks for looking at my BST!

Please PM me if you have an offer or a question. [/b]

Free shipping within the continental United States.

I will work out shipping details with any international buyers.

Looking For:

MFD Gelada 2

I will pay cash if you have something I want in decent condition (light to moderate damage is OK).

For Sale / Trade:

Nothing for sale at the moment. I will update this listing when I have more to sell/trade.

For trades I will consider all offers, so just let me know what you have to trade :slight_smile:


Should I pm if I’m interested?


that doesn’t look new at all. the yoyo literally looks like the rims have been worn down past the graphics I would like to see pics of the yoyo out side of the packaging please


I don’t do bumps.



(system) #40