looking for contest in ny,njor mass area

okay my mom doesnt understand how much yoyoing means to me(it takes up about 80 % of my day) so she said she would only let me go to contests in the area or ny,nj,mass anywere around there i live in albany ny and she said she would only drive my 5 hours away tops untill i start showing her that i love and support the sport of yoyoing. she said she will pay for intermissino and what not but i have to buy the yoyos if i want one. so do you know of any contests that happen around this area? also do you know if nationals or worlds is in this area or about 7 hours away cz she might drive me 7 hoursto nationals or worlds

worlds is on the opposite side of the country down in flordia,… .every single year… Though, i’m sure new york has some contest, and in 5 hours you can drive across most of it. I’d just wait and keep checking the contest sectoin until something pops up.

MA states and NER wiere in Mass, but they already happened… Mid-east regionals is in delaware but that’s too far…

Mid atlantic regionals Wilmington Delaware June 19th

NYYO in NYC! October 2nd