Looking for "cheap" plastics, offering a few Nintendo video games.

Ok im looking for cheap plastics preferably in good condition, doesnt have to be mint but I want them in good condition.
By cheap plastics i mean stuff like:

Lyn Fury’s
Speed Maker’s

Stuff like that. NO YYF.

im only offering these few nintendo games:

Nintendo Ds games:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Pokemon Ranger

GBA games:

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Of Goku2
Naruto Ninja Council 2
Metroid Zero Mission

All the DS games have cases but no books. All the GBA games are just the cartridge, no book, no box. But other than that they are Mint.

I know you must be thinking im insane for actually trying to get something for these but I figured Id try.

Heres some pics of the games


I’m actually kinda interested in the metroid… ill give it some thought and if I really want it ill PM you and we can do business.

You would have gotten my SpeedMaker if it wasn’t for VBA :slight_smile: