Cleaning up! (YYF & NYYR)

So I’m selling a few things I don’t need anymore, I’m sure someone might appreciate them more than me.

Offer up.

Looking for rare plastics/metals and the 44 clash protostar. Always looking for original freehands.
^VK edition supernova, one small nick, mint otherwise, smooth. TRADED
^gold/green acidwash 7075 Supernova, MINT
^purple sparkle powdercoated OG superstar, includes small purple rice stacks. Small vibe. Plays great.
^same Vk supernova. TRADED

^LSDJ Cartridge… So you can make twiggldy-bop music on your gameboy
^MINT MINT MINT Nintendo Virtual Boy. Rare. Comes with Wario,Mario tennis!, and waterworld. Left power cable in Vegas, it’s being shipped to me now. 150$ cash, will take yoyos. But it’s gonna take a good bit to get it out of my hands. SOLD

^ VK supernova traded.