Looking for axle specs on YYR Dazzler?


I contacted YYR, already. Just thought somebody might have the info; before they even get back to me.

Obviously few people have this info or even care to ever know, lol.

But just maybe?

Thanks in advance if anybody knows.


don’t quote me on this, but I think I’ve read somewhere it’s a M5 axle


I’ve posted a lot about the Dazzler axle before. Lemme search my post history and find it. I found a great replacement for mine.


My post:

PM me your address and i’ll get one out to you. I also have some M4x5mm ones which i think are an exact replacement, but since it has the threads for it i really like that extra 1mm. No idea why they came with such a short axle, it’s ridiculous and unnecessary.


Don’t mean to hijack, but is this the same for draupnir axle?


I just stripped my dazzler axle! No showing threads. Any safe removal tips? Or not. I just need this Bytch out! Thx

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Oh man