Looking for an worlds AP video


I don’t recall what year, or who it was, but at some point in the last few years, there was an AP freestyle that had a bunch of parents and assorted people on stage, just doing simple tricks. Can anyone please link me or remember who/when that was?



It was Hironori in I think 2012, possibly 2011.

(Owen) #3

Ah jeeze that was the most hard-to-watch AP freestyle ever. It made me cringe HARD. Anyways, I dont think there is a video around anywhere. I search that web and that youtube but I could find nothing.


There was a recording of the live-stream… i re-upload this…




Lol, made you cringe? That’s harsh, I sorta laughed because when everyone gets on the stage, the clapping stops because so many from the audience got on stage


I know someone who isn’t really into yoyoing, and they thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Thanks for the link I (and they) appreciate it.

(Owen) #7

Seriously there is some cheesy stuff people do for AP, but this was the cheesiest of the cheese.

I hate cheesy.