Looking for a video of "The Legend of The Seven-fisted Mantis" Yo-yo trick?

I’ve been searching everywhere, and I can’t find it. It piqued my interest. It was invented by Steve Brown, and I read somewhere that it has been an inspiration for many mounts and the like, and I would like to see it performed (can’t find it ANYWHERE!). A tutorial would be awesome but unlikely, but a video of it individually or in a routine would be good as well. If it’s in a routine, please point out the start/end time.

Thanks a lot!

36 seconds in.

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Thank You.

That’s an incomplete version of the trick without the correct dismount.

I’ll try to shoot a cleaner version soon and put it online at my Vimeo account…no guarantees I’ll actually remember to post it here when I do, but keep an eye out here for that and more videos. I’m finding a ton of stuff in my archives and trying to get it all online…