Looking for a counterweight!

(Mitch) #1

I have a telent show coming up and I need an extra counterweight or two. I can trade string for a couple of dollars for it/them. I have perfect fit 20/80 string varied in color…

I’d prefer Dice or Bouncy balls…

PM me!


Go to ebay and buy some. I saw something for $5 w/ all counterwieght heads (I know you said you don’t like them, but if bad comes to worse they’re there). If you need some like TODAY, make one. For bouncy balls, get a bouncy ball and drill a hole thru it. Trust me, I’ve done it. If you want a dice, screw a hole thru it. You can also just get a counterwieght set at eXpert or Nation. I recomend eXpert cause of the cheaper shipping. I have a fewcounterweights, but I need them… sorry. I hope I helped!


if you pay for shipping ill give you cw’s for free


If your dying for one I could make you a hand made one.

PM me if interested…


(Mitch) #5

I only have one, which is one I made, but everything I have that I could use is wayyy to heavy… (And I dont want to sacrifice my DnD dice…)

And I only need one or two for backup… and I figured it’d be a bit cheaper to trade some string or cheaper than paying online…

Thanks for the tips though…

(Q) #6

I’m not sure if you’re my new hero or not for having DnD dice.

(Mitch) #7

I love DnD man… I dont get to play much anymore but its alot of fun…


Dude I have dice too. lol

(Q) #9

I know you’re my hero though!!
And I have never played, so I’d have no clue


i could give you a bouncy ball one for a buck.


i have a bouncy ball cw and 4 dice

(Mitch) #12

I might be buying some hand made dice from Gizzyo…

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