Looking for a club in Gainesville, FL

Hey, i go to Santa Fe college and I’ve boon looking for new people to throw with. If there is a club in Gainesville or if someone just wants to throw let me know.

Hi there! Are you still in Gainesville? I’m looking to have someone good with Yo-yos show their skills with the cub scouts as they are doing two lessons on yo-yos. Would be awesome to have someone great to impress them. Thanks!!

That person you’ve responded to hasn’t been on this board since end of 2015☠️

Hey! Nope not in gainesville anymore


Welcome back to the forums

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Welcome back. Hope you’re still throwing

Not as often as I used to, but I still break out the throws sometimes!

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So…not in Gainesville, but we are having the Central Fl Yoyo Club meetup this weekend in Orlando!

Oh cool I actually live in Orlando now


Thread with info here: