+Looking for: 2 Metals under $20

Yeah, I really want some metals under $20, or $20.

I don’t care what condition it is on, but I don’t want one with a huge wobble, little vibes are ok.

I need these for my friends, not me. I need two, because I have two friends, but buying them from seperate people won’t be a problem.

The only metal I don’t want is a Zero.

I’m not looking for anything specific.

PM me if you have anything.

20$ for both? Or each?

Either way it will be hard to get one with only a small vibe.

Each, and if it vibes, I don’t really care, but no gigantic vibe that will mess up your tricks.

I know you want metals, but you are better off finding 2 beat up metal rimmed YYJs. Or you might be able to find a beat up bgrade for 35 (the lowest i have seen em).

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All I have to offer is a xcon thats in decent condition

If you go on YoYoGuy.Com, they have a special. If you buy one of the selected metal Yo-Yos, you get a  metal and $1 shipping.


Metal Mania!!!

No that means if you buy one of the selected metals shipping will be 1 dollar, you do not get another metal.
For instance, if you buy a cut it will cost $1 to ship instead of the normal shipping price. Also dont link other stores.

Sereosly guys, stop cluttering my thread.

Yeah, it may be hard to find a metal under $20, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.

I beleive Evan got a beat up 888 for $15.

X-Con or X-ConVict?


I sent a PM.


Sorry GM User. :slight_smile:

Its ok, don’t worry about it.

Bgrade 07 Beater… with a vibe.

That is pretty much what I’m looking for.

I’ll PM you if I see one ;). There was a G5 other at YYN in fairly nice condition at YYN for around 30 a few days ago…

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Thanks you Evan.