LF: any metals under $30

hey guys, I am looking to buy any metal yoyos under $30…it can be one yoyo or a couple of metals…jusst let me know what u have and we will go from there!:slight_smile:

ps.the earliest i could send money to the seller would be Friday…keep in mind

I will take !ANY! offers into consideration!! Oh and i dont have paypal so it would have to be money sent through the mail…

Not saying that I would sell you metals, but some metals under $30 that are brand new include:

  • Pocket Pro Zombie
    [list][li]Duncan Metal Drifter
    [list][li]YoyoFactory Popstar

y do u want a metal. if u only nae 30 bucks, try a plastic

because metal yoyos/wheels shouldn’t be that expensive. hence the pOpstar. worth all 26 dollars that i spent on it.