[lol]whats the name of this ever so common mount?


sorry’ dunno how to search for these kindo things.
It does transform almost trivially to other (named) mounts like 1.5 etc which to a degree eliminated the need for a name in most cases, but then there are tricks like laceration to asdfghjkl and double trapeze suicide to qwertyuio


Look up kamikaze mount see if that’s it


Looks like a kamikaze mount, not quite sure.


I believe it is called Mach mount


I don’t know if it is “Mach mount”, but since you can often get into it through a Mach Whip, I like that name. If that’s not its name already, I vote that’s what it should be. :wink:


I learned it as a “Mach mount” from some tutorial on YouTube so that’s what I call it


I wouldn’t call it a kamikaze mount just because kamikaze isn’t really the only trick that starts with it.


It was originally called Kamikaze mount when Paul Escolar invented the trick, so it’s a Kamikaze mount. It’s basically a sideways Mach 5 and could be entered using a mach whip, which are why it is sometimes called Mach mount. Just call it Kamikaze Mount.


Cite your sources. :wink:


Referred to as a sidestyle Mach 5 in the original Sector-Y illustrations.