Lockett Clasp Yoyo holder question

Hey all!

I have a Lockett Clasp yoyo holder that I got off YYE and it is an amazing yoyo holder. What I really liked about it and what drew my attention to it when looking to purchase it was the counter weight that came with the holder. I was wondering if there was anyway to remove it so I can put it on my yoyo for 5a play? There doesnt seem to be a way unless I cut the holder with a scissor. Has anyone who owns one of these taken off the counerweight to play with?


just take off the plastic stopper off the end?

Would taking it off also mean breaking it or can you put the stopper back on after you take it off?

if youre careful it should be reusable. ive never handled that specific piece but id guess it pries up on the end closer to the die. but with those things theres always a chance they’ll snap.