Loaded YoYos: Cigar box yoyo cases!

More boxes!

Now I need to find foam and/or make the wooden dividers.

Dividers, try Lowes or Home Depot! A frame for a door or for around the rooms floor may work well. I’m sure you can find thin sturdy wood strips at one of those stores. And a can of stainer, that’ll do! Did you find the cigar boxes at thrift shops?

I have good wood for dividers, it’s more I need to find a way to efficiently cut them square and neat and then set them perfectly in the boxes. Easy enough to plan out, much more difficult to execute. Might need to pick up a router or something like that.

Don’t want to stain them because I want to preserve the cool paper labels and tax stamps.

I don’t know about you guys but I would love to buy one of those cases if I had the cash! ;D

I want one…

I want the one with the lion logo. I’d buy it from you hands down, just shoot me a PM and I’ll send you payment heck if you have a price I’d sent payment in advance. I was trying to find that cigar box brand and I had no luck. My uncle and my dad’s cigar boxes are either chipped or too fancy with a thermometer in it and varnished.

I’ve been looking around the house for something to use as a DIY case and your post reminded me that I had a cigar box around here somewhere. I already had the foam too, so I just needed to get the infamous tomato paste can to cut my holes. Here are my results. Thanks for the idea!

I now call these yoyos my Montague collection.

Looks awesome!  I am really enjoying the classy/cool look of the wooden boxes.  Such a different feeling than having them in a plastic bag, no?

Anyways, for those interested, I still have one more box available for sale!

VERY nice looking! :slight_smile:

Getting foam - mehhh…

More importantly - Where do you get the boxes?

Same places you buy cigars! Tobacco shops.

I ended up buying a bunch in bulk, even then, these things aren’t particularly cheap because you need to find ones in good condition, that are attractive and that are appropriately sized.

Here’s a particularly nice one that I finished last night for Matthew:

Hit me up if you want one like it!

So, how do you cut the foam, this is a problem I’ve had in the past…

Just got mine on Saturday (yesterday) Jason shipped on Thursday from Cali to MA by Saturday!!!

I will post up pix tmr with my wood throws in it… Beautifull case guys… Such an elegant way to hold and present your throws. The case is VERY sturdy and looks just great!! The foam was cut perfectly and the yoyo’s are very secure!! Overall I am very satisfied with this case!!!

Thanks Jason!!

Pics as promissed.

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Got my 2 throw case and it’s just brilliant. Smells super classy, looks amazing, will be perfect to set on a desk rather than my usual HSYY cases. Will post up pics once i receive some nice new throws in the mail to put in it.

Love it so much!

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. Jealous of that Anglam… how’s it play?

Those look awesome! I am going to copy your idea if you dont mind once I build up my collection.