LJS Crew



Sam and Tan rolled down to Beaumont for a Yo-Down and LJS Reunion.

Watch the insane trickage.




Wow! You guys are good!


Great vid.


That’s great!

Must of took you guys a long time and a lot of practice to do that. :slight_smile:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #5


(202andrew) #6

what does LJS stand for. great vid buy the way.


I <3 Sam Lopez.

Gerard, your awesome too!

(Mitch Ginder) #8

Long John Silvers?

(202andrew) #9


(Mitch Ginder) #10

Haha that was a total guess

(202andrew) #11

Oh. haha lol

(Zach Smith) #12

Gerard you’re skills never cease to astound me! ;D


Great work Gerard keep it up man
its good to see some more yoyoing from you and some friends on the other side.