List of yoyos that do and do not accept FHZ caps


I really enjoy collecting FHZs and was wondering if people knew which yoyo models accept FHZ caps?

Here are a few that might, but have not personally tried… can anyone else confirm?

Not sure:

  • YYJ Dark Magic 1

Yoyos that DO accept FHZ caps:

  • Duncan Freehand MG
  • Duncan Freehand AL
  • Duncan Raptor
  • Duncan Flipside
  • Duncan Hayabusa
  • Duncan Diversion
  • Werrd Hour
  • Werrd 86400
  • YYF Severe 2010
  • YYF FAST 201k
  • RecRev Silly Goose
  • YYJ Legacy 1
  • YYJ Legacy
  • YYJ Trinity
  • YYJ Titan3
  • C3 Capsule
  • AnY Happy Yo Freerider

YoYos that do NOT accept FHZ caps:

  • Duncan Freebird
  • Duncan Butterfly XT
  • YYF Delrin Severe
  • YYF Roll Model
  • YYJ Dark Magic 2
  • RecRev Papier Mache
  • Matt Schmidt Underdog


Freehand AL accepts those caps as far as I know.


Great, will move that to the confirmed list.


Werrd hour and 86400

The severe does not.


After poking around the Raptor, Freedbird, hayabusa, and flipside are all possibly compatible with these caps. I’m fairly sure of all of them except for the Freebird.


Sorry logi, are you saying the hour and 86400 do?


hayabusa and yoyojam titan3 take zero caps


yes and i can confirm that the raptor does as well.


Yoyojam legacy 1 fits them.


Silly goose


I think the Any Happy Yo Freerider does. Possibly the Matt Schmidt underdog as well. I can check both when I get home in a few days.

(ed) #12

Dark magic does, I think.


Dark magic 1?


1 and 2, as well as the Legacy and Trinity. YYF Severe 2010 did to, not sure about 2011. The Fast 201k takes them, as do the other ones in the fast series with the exception of the ones with the dials. Roll Model does not take FHZ caps btw.


Can you just buy the caps separately or do you have to mix and match?


You have to mix and match the caps, although some store sell special edition caps on occasion.

Thanks for all the feedback, list updated.


Paper Mache doesn’t take them, its a smaller delrin pog


duncan diversion and C3 capsule too I believe


Any Happy Yo Freerider - yes
Matt Schmitt Underdog - no

(H.J.Fras) #20

I have a translucent pink FHZ with white caps if your interested