LinksLegionaire -vs- Shadowz143 -vs- yuki onitsura


LinksLegionaire (hey that’s me!):


yuki onitsura:


My vote goes to Shadowz.



Shadowz is a monster. He gets my vote.

I was a little distracted by that camera effect Links. The tricks I could make out looked really cool though.

Yuki had some really cool GT elements. I felt that it lacked a little diversity though. It was pretty much all GT variations.

That being said, I wish I could throw like any one of you. :wink:


I do love my GTs ^^



I voted for yuki due to him having coolness of epic proportions and throwing a summit with long string over cement.Plus the ending was cool, I love experimenting with palm grind binds and such. I was hoping Links would change to regular after a few seconds, it did, but ONLY for a few seconds, not after a few seconds. All really great, just a given that shadowz did really,really good! Better than me by far

(NotATyrant) #6

I say that all of you have crazy skills,but Links almost had me have another headache(I’m really stressed out for the ACT tomorrow),but was impressive. I won’t say who I voted for, but I believe the dude who got my vote deserved it!

(Jei Cheetah) #7


Awesome stuff guys!

Some good promise coming from all of you.

Before I say who I voted for, Ill provide some constructive criticism for each for the betterment and continuing improvement of your styles.

Links: Some good flow you got going there! I feel that you could definitely benefit from branching out of the “common mounts” that you seem to be using and try to find new kinds of mounts to use. Once you can break free of the standard 5 or so, it opens up quite a few new possibilities. Flow, you have some good flow going for you, but I think you could look into working on your transitions. Many of your tricks feel like they are too “individualized” as in they finish, then stop, then go into another trick combo. If you can find better ways to link the different sections, it would be much more visually appealing. Great work, keep it up!
(P.S. Please, this is the video producer and cinematographer in me speaking, please never use that affect again! It’s unique but takes away from your play, and can possibly cause feelings of sickness in some. > . < Just be careful with those in the future hun, it’s all good. ^ ^"

Shadowz: Niceeeee flow you have. each element flowed really nicely into the other. My only criticism would be that I noticed that the second half of your combo after the regen seemed a bit “standard” compared the first half. Where as the first half had many unique mounts and flow, the second half felt a bit generic and expected. Just something to look for, a fully even trick is very visually appealing, although the combo as is already is quite nice. One thing that happens and it’s often hard to point out how it happens, and why, but the first part of your trick had a “rewind” effect of sorts. It happens very rarely for many players, but when it does, it’s a truly magical and trippy look. In a good way! ^ ^. Great work there, keep it up!

Yuki: Oh man, I love that you are using unique slacks and GT elements. Being creative and innovational is something that I can tell you strive for. I think you could benefit from working on your flow and transitions. A slack element/banger is even further emphasized when it comes into play with a nice flowing combo. Working on flow, extending your tricks, it will do wonders. Inner video guy speaking again though, pull in closer! When you have such a wide view, it often tends to take away from the trick itself due to so much other conflicting information coming to the brain. Don’t be afraid to get close hun, the camera won’t bite! ^ ^

With that said, my vote goes to Shadowz. His flow and creativity really shows, and I see so much potential in his work. Of course, I see great potential in the tricks from all of you! ^ ^

Keep throwing guys, and remember, its all about flow and expression!

^ ^




Goin with Yuki on this one for a few reasons:
1: Extra long string looks so cool and smooth
2: That bind at the end is great.
3: Flip Flops


Thanks for the con crit, Haru. Always good to know what needs to be stepped up a bit =)


(Owen) #10

Daaaangg Matt, super good.

Yuki, great showmanship. I can see you on a stage someday.

Links, HOW U DO EFFECT?!!?!


All you guys are really stellar yoyoers, I voted for shadow but the other two were great as well. I wish I had some 3D glasses so I could see what links was doing :smiley: haha just kiddin.




I voted for Shadowz143. Really nice flow.




Shadowz forsure. Everyone was good but shadowz just goes ham with complexity and flow!


Going with Shadowz on this one. Links and yuki were good too, but shadowz was… better… lol, plus yuki was too far back and links made me dizzy :smiley:

(Alex Fairhurst) #17

I would like to vote for Links. Because I know somewhere in that crazy effect there’s a sweet trick. I just can’t make it out.

Shadowz looks like McLovin lol. Gets my vote.

Yuki is good but the camera is too far away. Plus Shadowz is just…better. You’ll get there, man.


The goal is to just keep getting better. And heck, even I voted for Shadowz!



How long have you guys been throwing?


About 14 months now.