Light It Up Blue! Post Your Blue Throws for Autism Awareness Day! Details Inside

Hey Gang,

Today April 2nd, is National Autism Awareness day. Many of you know our good friend Sensei Dave who has an organization called Eli Hops for his son Eli who has Autism. I have a 3 year old son, Logan, who also has Autism and a couple of other YoYo Players I have spoken to have children with Autism.

On April 2nd websites, sky scrapers, and cities around the world go blue to bring awareness to Autism. Today, many yoyo websites, yoyo facebook pages, including YYE will change a part of their website blue in honor of this day. I would also like to see if we can get everyone to take a picture with a blue YoYo if you have one or make a video with a blue yoyo and post it on here as well. I know it would mean a lot to those of us who have the amazing joy and the occasional struggle with raising a child with autism. You can learn more by going to I will also be lighting up my house blue tonight with my LED par cans and will post pictures of it too. Thanks in advance for joining me!


I don’t have the time to set up lights. My kids spent all of March preventing me from working. But, I can do this:

The line-up:
Left to right, top to bottom:

Row 1:GoBig, FiestaXX, BigYo,Aquarius, Xodus II
Row 2: 44Clash Beysick, 54, BvM, Metal Drifter,Butterfly,Imperial, Reflex(the one that started this all)
Row 3: Power Brain XP wing, Fireball, UltraSonic(cheap Chinese brand), Brain, Loop 720, Pulse
Row 4: Unleashed, Saga, FHZ, Ronin withXCon Pro under it, Meteor, Lyn Fury, PGM
Row 5: Protostar, Northstar, PSG, Speeder2, Chaser, Phenomizm, Champion3(Phenomizm knock-off)
Row 6: Whip, One, dv888, Albatross, DM2, XmimusmikeX FHZ, Freakhand
Row 7: Duncan Imperial Keychains

Did I miss anything? I think I nailed it all. I will be posting this to my Facebook page and maybe to my pathetic fledgling fetus of a yoyo web site. If I do post it, it will be the full sized image.

Yeah, so I like the color blue!

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Hey Studio you wouldn’t mind if I just umm borrowed some of those would ya?

Come to some of my yoyo meets and you can try any yoyos you want to!

That and about 60* other yoyos(that aren’t blue!) currently in my collection.
(number approximate and LOW!)

:o SO… MUCH… YO… if I ever got the chance I would for sure go!

Also wearing all blue. C=

Here is a picture with my Son Kaiden and I rocking the blue shirts and blue YoYos. K-Dawg has the DM2 and I got the YYJ Destiny with Blue number dice in honor of my son Logan who is 3 years old and has Autism.

Man I wish I had blue yoyos, but m going to wear all blue today!

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Come on guys! Just a reminder to post up photos of your blue yoyos! Every throw helps.

I’m buying an inexpensive blue yoyos or two today from here and a couple of yoyo cases for my kids.

Don’t be shy. I posted up cheap stuff next to expensive stuff. It ALL counts!

for Autism

Yoyo experts blue :D. They really should keep it like this. It looks better in my opinion :). I would buy a blue one or something but my mom won’t let me :(.

Blue triangle :slight_smile:

Didn’t have a chance to get a pic of my whole crew of blue throws before I ran off to work, but I did bring my blue zues, rocking a blue shirt as you can see, as well as blue jeans, white nikes with blue swoosh and sole :slight_smile:

Just a coincidence, but Andre signed a blue Dark Magic II yesterday at NER, and Ooch signed a blue Fireball for me. Blue is my favorite color for a yo-yo…also black and raw, so I had more than a few:

this is my throw for the day

Not yoyo relayed, but some gear I have laying around. A few mics are missing but I know exactly where they are.

Blue Bluebird Mic, plugged into a Presonus BlueTube tube pre-amp.

Blue Studio42 hat and a blue Studio42 silicone wristband shown. I forgot to put a blue Studio42 lanyard in the photo…

Enjoy. I did have my blue DM2 on my custom yoyo sling holder while taking the picture.

I was wearing a blue crohns shirt. I also had blue string on my DIETZ.

Here’s my blue yoyos: YYJ Hitman Pro and xx fiesta :slight_smile: