LF: YYE Editions

I am looking to buy, or trade for, the following YYE Editions. At this time, I am particularly interested in finding a YYE Code 1 and the YYE CLYW Avalanche.

YYE Code 1
YYE Avalanche
YYE Berserker
New YYE Cascade
YYE Drop Bear
YYE Macrocosm
YYE edition Sr-71
Dark Magic Halflife Edition
YYE X3 Cubed
YYE X3 Aware

For reference, these are the makes and models that I already have, and would not be interested in, thank you!
YYE Gelada
YYE Evil Yo
YYE Albatross
YYE Genesis
YYE Superstar
YYE Dietz
YYE Yfactor
YYE Burnside
YYE Code 2
YYE Oscillatrix
YYE Cascade with red and gold splash
YYE Radian
YYE Token
YYE Dark Magic II Black Spade Edition

Steve Brown 888, Kikazaru Gelada and Spider-man are sold, thanks! :slight_smile:

Decided that I need my Entheos…loves it, precioussss.

bump… I kinda more than need some money really fast, take advantage of me at my weakest moment…:slight_smile:

Wish I could have the yyj unleashed but I don’t have a Paypal oh well :frowning:

Happy Thanksgiving


Not to bump, but it dawns on me that I used pictures of these yo-yos that I have saved to my Facebook that I did not take, some I explicitly asked permission for, but not for this purpose, some I did not, so I apologize for that, and I will rectify that soon… Sorry! I would have modified my post or just changed the “offending” photos out, but I don’t see a way to do that easily with my iPad, and I am away from a pc for the holiday and for the next couple of days…probably not that cool, but I didn’t stop to think it through.

I have gone craaaazy with savinggggsss

This is not a “desperation” sale, I don’t care for it when people do that… I just don’t want to spend all my time hoarding yo-yos, I want to spend all my time playing with them, and concentrating on YYE editions and that colorway of Red, Black, Silver/White… I think some of these things are dirt cheap at these prices, I hope some of these can find a new home!