LF: YWETs, YWETis, Kappas, A-RT Wood, Panorama

Hey there, I’m looking to complete some sets and am looking for the following:

2008/tapped axle YWETs

  • Static Co. Optimally Geared Mega Shock
  • Static Co. Optimally Geared Copper Plated
  • Raw
  • OG circa. 2008 hardcoat proto
  • OG red/yellow proto. I will essentially give you my first born child for this.

Side effect YWETs

  • BAC Blasted
  • 4mm gap proto.

RSO YWETis — must have box and the accessories

  • Raw
  • Gunmetal


  • Soaking YWET cracked-coat ano

Throw Spiral Kappa

  • 1st run unengraved (b-grade)
  • 2nd run Unknown edition (the non-preorder version. I know this is highly specific so I’m hoping to buy from an original owner who knows they bought it from this run. This is purely an over the top collection thing I want to do)
  • Olive green

A-RT Wood

  • Squib
  • Orphan

One Drop Panorama

  • Light blue

I have cash, and depending on the yo-yo, some trades.