LF- Yuuksta, Campfire, Skywalker, Clear Z-stacks


have +2 feedback on another forum fyi.

Atmosphere- yellow, nr mint -$27 obo
may have pics later

Omnicron- nr mint with 2 scratches on the side- Pending



AB Peak (3rd run) or any other good condition peak- pending
Yuuksta Orange or Purple acid wash
Skywalker- any, even bgrade
Campfire- Solid Red or Gold
Clear Z-Stacks
Orange or Blue/Orange Y-Factor (on hold)

I’ll take a yoyo if it’s not beat, extremely vibey, or has dings and nicks all over the rims.
I have cash, but I need cash more than another yoyo (unless they are one of the three listed).


Make sure you put the prices and pics of all sale items please per BST rules.


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