LF Yoyorecreation,CLYW,or Night Moves 5. Mainly for yoyorecreation though.

I really want anything from yoyorecreation. I dont care if has dings or small vibes.
These are my yoyos
Markmont scratches on the rims from walking the dog
Pre Production California(the original)the rims are scuffed
Mint in box Pyro Lite #798
Saturn 2 scuffs Rims fell off but I still have them
Red Skyline With about 6 scuffs cant feel them
Black 888 year 08. Has many scuffs and dings very small vibe
Orange and Black Progect 2 1 ding and 2 scuffs
Half pre pro Bad Rep. One dent. I have the rep half
Bad Rep lite Pink splashed with white a few dings
Thin Walled GM2. Green with a few dings. A few ano flaws. Very slight vibe
Green DXL 5*. Has a 3 dings on the side rim and a few scuffs on the inside but you cant feel them when grinding
Gold Meteor Has a few dings.Still has caps.
Worlds Silver Meteor Has many dings. No vibe. Caps were glued on.
I might sell or trade for other stuff so offer.

how much do you want for the severe

Would you be interested in a mint CLYW Campfire for the I?

can u put some “” between the I like this “I”
it gets really confusing if u don’t

Ill think about it. Do you live in California?

What is the least you would take for the Saturn.

I dont know. Just offer.

No, I live in Iowa. Sorry man. (I wish I was In California, I’m tired of the snow haha)

20 for the Jazz yo Saturn.

no thanks

40 for RecRev “I”?

how much would you sell that pyro lite for