Selling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!come look!!!!!!!!!


Yuji supernova, several dings($75) not firm.
campfire mirror polished rims($45) not firm
mint pair of reverb loopers($50)
pistolero II, no bearing, some dings,($35)
chico XL great condition($60)
gm2 almost mint($75)
skyline good conditiion($45)

feel free to send me a pm with offers, i am open to pretty much any trades, the worst i can say is no thanks. or feel free to post on here with your offers too. :slight_smile:

what is the lowest you will go on the campfire :slight_smile:

hey i would like to buy your campfire for 40 i changed my username from newquezadabreed3 to sushi