LF: Undersized throws have $$$ now need 4A too

I’m looking for a several throws at the moment. I will only buy yoyos in good condition with no vibe. Really looking for MIB or NMIB but I will make exceptions as long as it still plays well.

Just PM me if you have a throw from my list or a throw you think I would like.
CLYW Bassalope (large bearing only) got my bass!
CLYW Gnarwhal
SPYY Punchline looking for the yellow one.
SPYY Supra
YS Planet 9
VsNYYC Battosai

Oh right…recently i’ve decided to try some new styles of yoyoing so i’m trying to get ahold of a few offstring yoyos.

YYJ Fiesta!
YYJ Aquarius
YYJ equinox
I will consider all OS type throws condition doesn’t matter

pm’d :wink:

I have a DV888 2011 Gray with dings all around the rims.