Couple throws for trade.

Long time no see guys! Wanting to to try something new so I figured I’d put up a couple throws for trade. Not really looking to sell. However, I would be willing to add money to make a deal fair. Here’s what I got. :slight_smile:

CLYW Bassalope

Small bearing… b-grade, but a super player. Really fantastic and looks new. Really smooth. Comes with one pad installed. One of my favorite colorways too!

Auldey L3

Used to be Jayyo’s. This thing has some marks on the rims and a couple pinpricks but is still a super player. Can’t feel any of the marks durring grinds. Smooth. Photo shows the worst of the damage.

Interested in ‘almost’ anything. Really wanting some more YYF. I’ll take any offers into consideration. Only plastics I’m really looking for is a half and half. Also I’m not interested in any YYJ, sorry.