LF Turning Point yoyos.have stargazer,888x, Y-Factor, BVM, Stardusts, and more

I really want anything from Turning Point. I dont care if has dings or small vibes.
Bgrades are fine
no lowballs!!!
These are my yoyos
MIB, only been used once, Copperwod Yfactor
MIB, Purple Singularity
MIB, Starlite
Mint Magenta with Blue Splash BVM.
6 Stardusts I might trade. 3 V1s, and 3 V2s.
Mint in Box, only used once, purple 888x. I won it at socal but I dont need it.
A near mint stargazer v1. It has a vibe. The axle was stripped but it was fixed with a bigger axle and it works now. I would like to trade it for an edge, a stargazer v2.
I have many other yoyos for trade also.