LF - Top Yo Colossus V Green Engraving (aka "Starbucks" edition)

Hi all,

Im looking for a handful of things (like my first MFD, a Banshee - don’t even care which one as long as it’s playable), but the one I saw recently that keeps evading me is the “Starbucks” edition of the Top Yo Green Colossus V. If someone has one they would like to sell, I would love to take it off your hands! I don’t usually “collect” yo-yos in the sense of display (I prefer to use/play/throw them), however this would be the PERFECT display in my classroom (high school math teacher, also trying to start a yo-yo club there, so it would be a great conversation starter). I have 2 coffee machines, a burr grinder, and all kinds of accessories that live in my classroom, so this would go with my ‘theme.’


@ottoast has a Starbucks Colossus, I think.

That’s the most recent one that got away…thanks though!

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Unless @ottoast ended up having whoever wanted it back out - in which case I would love to get it…a latte :sweat_smile:

I decided to keep it unfortunately. It’s not too expensive and is nice looking :sweat_smile:

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Gotcha - totally understand.

If you ever decide to sell it, please let me know - I would definitely take it off your hands for a semi-reasonable price even, haha!

There’s one on the Facebook BST.
Posted on Monday

Good luck

Enjoy the throw

Edit: it’s @ottoast post there, so i guess it’s off the market?

Yep - I was looking to snag an MFD, Banshee, and Colossus V all in one, but was not fast enough, haha.

Thanks for looking/helping out! Id rather get something 5 times and it not be available, than not get one and miss out that way! :slight_smile: