LF Throwers in NW Ohio/SE Michigan

(Tyler) #1

Editing this post a little: still looking for other throwers in the NW Ohio/SE Michigan area. There is a club in Plymouth that meets Thursday nights, but due to working 2nd shift I’m not able to make it. I was hoping to find someone that would potentially want to get together occasionally on the weekends to throw.


I’m near Dayton, but that may be a little too far away still. I’m not even sure if there is a yoyo club in my part of Ohio. Hmm, I need to look into that…

(Tyler) #3

I only two clubs I know of is the Downtown Plymouth one and one out in Cleveland. Dayton is a few hours from me, but maybe we could find some weekend to meet in like Lima or something


I’d be good with that. I may be able to come a little closer to you than Lima too. Feel free to PM me sometime and we can see about setting that up.