LF: Super-yo renegade axles

I’m looking for the star shaped renegade axles I broke mines.

i have a whole superyo renegade i’ll send you for a couple bucks and the shipping


Nah I’m good I’m only looking for the axle replacement, It’s not too hard to find renegades.

Where are you located?


PM me your address.

Also, do you need just a star nut or the axle or the whole setup?

the star nut.


PM me your address and I’ll send tomorrow.


I was sitting out my yoyo s and remember doing small paid promo gigs for Super Yo, favorite one was going to the top of the space needle for a demo, was crazy 18 years back…

Anyways I don’t have much for nuts bolts or axles but have like

7 white renegade halves ( star)
3 black halves (haxagon)
“Glow Renegade” needs 1 spacer and a better bearing most likely ( they use size a right?)

Also had a bunch of parts some make entire throws some are just halves.

Like 7-8 loopers

Super Yo “Cruiser”
Super Yo Turbo Tread (tire looking one idk of axle is there or not)

Duncan Tranxaction (out a bearing in it works better than that stupid wooden axle lol)

Also random butterflies and stuff.

I also have a DMII where the nipple is cracked at 1 side and the other side is cracked as Well but not as bad.

Can take pic and detail the list too!

Would be cool to trade these for a low end I have been wanting (anything cool) but if not will send free too. Buyer pays shipping.

Btw USA shipping only and it will most likely take 2 weeks and cost around $10, tracking if you pay for it.

Or I can pay for shipping and we can tra de?

Idk I saw a B grade Jason Lee 08 888 he wanted $15 for that would be a fun trade smth cool like that.

Lmk I’ll upload pics of you want.

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