LF - Sucction FS/FT - G2 - SF - Float - Samurai - Phantom

Would also be interested in trading any of the cheaper throws for an Ippon

UNPRLD Reduction - Blue, Mint condition - extremely smooth and barely thrown 25$


A-rt/G2 Life - SOLD

Float - Half swapped black/purple - Mint with box - very nearly dead smooth. 55$



Sengoku Samurai Blue/clear - Mint condition have a box for it but it came in a nondescript white one - also very close to dead smooth. 85$


G2 Direwolf - perfect storm edition - mint with box and extras 100$

UNPRLD - Abduction - 35$ mint. Underappreciated throw imo… it’s super solid. I have a raw b grade that I enjoy more for some reason so selling this one.

Project 1 - GONE

Markmont next - Have one left - asking 75$ its beat and has some stains on the inner cup lol

Project 2 - GONE

MFD Pixelape - mint with box

Good life - Gully - mint/nm - 100$

Inferno yoyos - Phantom - smoothest yoyo in my collection which is impressive considering it’s a bimetal. This thing is ridiculously good I just don’t give it enough love. Mint condition - 105$

SF - SF - Sebby edition - Mint 40$

SF - Cadence - lots of very little marks from my wedding ring - 30$

SF - Statement - mint condition - GONE




PM’d you!



Bump for new yos

Bump… Also if anyone has any knowledge on how much I should be pricing the one drop stuff like the p1/p2/MN I’d appreciate the help. I have no clue as I haven’t really been in the scene for quite a while.

There’s a yoyo appraisal thread on here. Maybe some of those kind folks could help you out.

I paid around 100$ Each for my P1 & P2 not too long ago. I just saw a beat up MMN on Facebook recently for 50$+shipping. That said, I’d be happy to pay you 50$ for one of your beat MMN’s as long as they aren’t too vibey.

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PM’d again

bump some stuff is gonezo.

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