Lf speedmaker, beater yyjs, synergy caps, hectic, bigyo2, and flowable silicone

I’m looking for some things:

Speedmaker(preferably white)
Beater metal-rimmed yyjs (preferably double o-ring)
Synergy caps (size 1 for aquarius, kickside, etc.)
Hectic (no more than $40, preferably mint)
BigYo2 (good or mint condition)
Flowable Silicone (close or full container)

I really like it if any of these are white, and do NOT offer me things not on my list and PayPal only.

Thanks for looking! ;D

if you have an ACE hardware near by (trying to remember if ive seen one in ogden) they should have some flowable sili, thats where i bought mine just ask someone where the gasket maker is and it should be next to it

ive got an x convict that kinda beat up but the lowest i can go is 25 to 30 dollars

I got my sili at walmart