LF some rare stuff. FT: Anglam MG, Tundra AMG, Diaspora


Hey guys,

Got a few throws in my wish list this year. I have a long list of trades including a luftverk tundra ams2488, TP diaspora, and if you got something I really want, I have an Anglam MGSS. I also have plenty of other stuff I’d let go easier than these so just let me know. I’d also be willing to pay cash.

  1. Crucial Heavy Cream- prefer Dexter Edition. Been wanting one of these since they came out.

  2. VsNYYC TiWalker- yeah I know it’s probably not gonna happen but I can dream.

  3. Any rare 888s- preferably the Script 888 or an 08 888.

  4. Anything Oxygen- cuz they’re amazing.

  5. Anything rare, titanium, or collectible- when I say “rare” Im thinking like OG Peak rarity. Also interested in other old CLYWs.

  6. Anything- go ahead and make an offer. I’d love to hear what you guys got and at worst I’d say no thanks.

PS- I am currently at school so if you’re interested in pics or a full list of throws I won’t be able to get them until Thanksgiving week. Thanks guys!


Also forgot to say if you’re interested in just buying one of my throws I’m not really interested in selling any of the Ti stuff or MG, but if you really think you got a good cash offer hit me up.

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