LF Skywalker, Obsidian, or money for Ozone or Leviathan 2

I really need money so I’m looking to sell the yos on the pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/90460622@N05/ More descriptive info below.

I have always wanted a Skywalker or an Obsidian 54 (or obsidian Markmont Next or something else if there’s something obsidian that I don’t know about), so I would love to work out a trade for something along those lines that too if I happen to have something you want.

Yoyojam Atmosphere and Turning Point Leviathan 2 not being sold/traded anymore. Sorry. Perhaps in the future when I update this whole thing and force myself to detach from my yoyos.

Mighty Flea- Mint condition. No marks. Nothing wrong with it at all. This little bugger is interesting and hasn’t been used that much. Comes with 24 unused Mighty Flea string as well as the one that’s still on it. Is $35 dollars for the whole shebang okay? (SOLD)

C3 Token- Mint condition. No marks. Unfortunately, no box either. Looks pretty cool though. Especially when spinning. Not sure what the colorway is called. (SOLD)

Original One Drop Project- Blue-not at all mint. Very scratched up, but still plays fine in my opinion. I tried to show all damage in pictures. (TRADED)

Oxygene Ozone- Blue - Mint condition. No marks. Has the titanium hubs. It DOES have that anodize mark that you can barely even see just under the rim (as noted on the Ozone page on yoyoexpert). Comes with the original pouch. It’s not bad, but it’s just not what I’m looking for. It’s a little bit TOO unresponsive. I and my friend feel this may be due to the large gap. I’m not sure if some new response or anything would help. (SOLD)

One Drop Nickel Plated Code 1 - Mint condition. No marks. Unfortunately, no box. This thing rocks. Pretty rare I believe, although exact number I could not say. (TRADED)

Mighty Flea and Token gone. The best stuff is still here.

Traded the nickel plated Code 1. Just Ozone, Project, and Leviathan 2 left. I really hope I can get these outta here before I go to Germany.

Still haven’t gotten anything on the Ozone. One person asked about a Leviathan 2 trade, but so far nothing in stone.