LF: PHENOM, Chaser, Mickey's former YYJ signature yoyos and more;

Greetings, I am looking for a few YoYoJam yoyos that used to be a part of Hiroyuki Suzuki’s signature line.

PHENOMizm 24K [gold-plated rims]

And if you guys any of his sOMEThING line of yoyos, if you guys are selling the FIRMY, hit me up.

Quality isn’t much of an issue, but I would like at least to be mint or close to that. :]
All I’m asking for is that the throws above are the versions in which Mickey was still on YYJ and therefore, have the name on the caps and stuff.

If any of you guys are selling or want to offer me any of these throws [though I’m mainly focused on the PHENOM right now], I will consider and talk with you. I would like to get a pretty nice PHENOM [and others] since I’m a huge fan of Mickey and his throws.

Thank you!