LF Old YYJs (Black Nova, Clessiah, Sigma Blade, SpinMaster)

Hey all,

I was in the yo-yo scene around 2004-2006 and had a good collection of YYJs at the time. A while ago, my car got broken into while I was visiting my girlfriend and someone stole my yo-yo case from my car, likely thinking it was some sort of laptop case. Most of the yo-yos were replaceable like fireballs and raiders, but I lost a few yo-yos that I haven’t been able to replace. If anyone has any of the yo-yos listed above, a Black Nova, Clessiah, Sigma Blade, or SpinMaster (any version of any) and doesn’t love or use them, or just needs some money, I would love to buy them from you for sentimental reasons. I know this is my first post on the forum but I used to be pretty active in TheYoStore and other old communities back in the day. Thanks for looking.

I see Clessiah on Facebook YoYo BST & Talk

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Thanks a lot! I sent a request to that group, hope I can get in.

Just curious, how do I get approved for this group? Does an admin have to add me? Or can anyone add me? If anyone sees this who can add me, I’m “Sean Lee”

The former VP of YYJ is throwing a lot of limited edition old school YYJs up on eBay. Many have already been sold but I’ve seen a lot of what you’re looking for go in the past month. Take a look and maybe watch her http://www.ebay.com/sch/aaivalerie/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

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His name Nicholas Corea yellow lego submarine on avatar( Facebook)

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Ughh I can’t believe I missed a spinmaster 2 by a day! Thanks for this, I’ll watch it.

This guy is also selling a few yoyos you’re looking for (in various conditions)

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Holy cow, this is awesome! Three of the four! Thanks so much!!!

Lol no prob. I recently had to rebuild my old yoyo collection too, and these guys in the BST are champs