LF: OG Peak 3rd run FT: RSO Doombot

Hi there,

As the title says, looking for a MIB 3rd run Peak.
That includes any of the following colorways:

  • Orange on orange Acid Splash
  • Green on green Acid Splash
  • Purple on purple Acid Splash
  • Elliot Jackson, pink with blue drip
  • Adam Brewster, green with gray and red splash
  • Krisztian Kaluzsa, blue with orange and clear splash

The Doombot has a small spot of damage and a little bit of vibe, which was standard according to RSO. If you prefer cash that will work too.

I am not in the US, but the yoyo is.

Comes with all the goodies.



Wow, that’s a steal of a deal


you would think, but if someone came
up with a mib 3rd run in today’s market that’d be a comparable trade (imo).

i bought a third run not too long ago, and the price i paid i thought was fair and i’d do
it again… for a well-playing peak… especially considering some of the 2nd run prices

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Don’t hesitate to sell to or trade with FourCorner, he’s one of the best around :+1:t2:


Other trades available too.

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