LF: NVx, Fragment, D-bearing players, Chiefs FT/FS: Sturm Panzer Eclipse Ogre

Looking to acquire an Hspin NVx! Closer to mint and I will hook you up in ways that could make the mystery boxes look like scams.

LF: D-Bearing throws that wreck (NVx, Skywalker, Fragment)
Pretty CLYW Chiefs
Offer anything really. Just nothing undersized unless it’s some blasphemously rare 888 or something.

I have up for trade a Mint but Played Sturm Panzer Eclipse Ogre Ray. Beautifully smooth, no visible damage. Everything stock, including packaging and the collectible Manga issue it came with!


Photo courtesy of Yotoy!


FYI the photographed Yoyo IS the one in my possession. Support Yotoy’s epic photography!