FS/T: HSpin NVx, Others. LF: OD 54, RecRev

I am looking for:

A mint One Drop 54, and other older models
Whatever mint RecRev models you have, especially an Electric Daisy blue acid wash
I’ve never owned a CLYW product, so a Gnarwhal would be nice

Here’s what I’ll trade for:

Anything of equal value, or rare throws that are very uncommon (small brands, rare colors, etc.)

Here’s what I’m giving up:

HSpin NVx offer high, it’s mint and smooth.

YYJ Phenom two very small dents. Still smooth and fast. 55$

YYJ Mini Mo-trix very old but still in great condition. Very fun to play with 20$

YYJ Speeder 2 one of the best plastics ever. Mint, caps are just a little scratched. 30$

Aoda Perfect Storm mirror polished, hub and z-stacks. Plays okay, just looks awesome25$

YYF Protostar Mint because I never really use it. 15$

I have a mint with box OD M1 red

Want that nvx