FT: HSpin NVx LF: Sturm Panzer Eclipse Ogre

Comes w/o pads/response as shown. I don’t have pads that fit and have not re-siliconed it in months.
There are small dings in the response area of the purple half (shown in the first picture) but they do not affect the installation/removal of the bearing in any way.

Looking for:
Sturm Panzer Eclipse Ogre (will add $)
Must have side caps. Mint preferred but light scratches are acceptable.

Yuuksta (Small Bearing ONLY)

Offer: The Ogre and SB Yuuksta are the only yoyos on my “to buy” list currently. I’ll consider offers consisting of 1 metal in the same price range as the NVx or a couple of high end plastics within reason.