LF: No Jive 3 in 1 Natural Finish

LF a No Jive 3 in 1 in natural finish. Doesn’t have to be in perfect shape, just looking for a solid, relatively smooth throw to edc. Not picky about production date or anything. Let me know if you have one you’re willing to part with, and hopefully we can work something out!


Are you looking for a clean machine or just any 3 in 1?

What’s your budget?

I have some of the BC ones. They’re NiB. I would need to get $50 shipped for one, so not sure if that works in your budget.

I have Black, Red, and Blue ones too. I could do $40 shipped for those. I could even half swap one.

All of these are imperial, but look nice, and play well as flying camel, especially the natural one.


I’m just looking for any 3 in 1, nothing specific really. I was hoping to find a dinged up, beater throw that I wouldn’t feel bad about taking everywhere.

I found the natural No Jive I was after!